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Elevated Cooking Stacker Kit


Elevated Cooking Stacker Kit: Extra Height for Maximum Comfort

Enhance your Elevated Cooking experience with the Stacker Kit, the perfect addition for those who need even more height to achieve the ultimate ergonomic comfort in the kitchen. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Elevated Cooking Starter Kit, the Stacker Kit provides an extra inch of elevation, reducing strain and making food preparation even more convenient.

Key Features:

  • Additional Elevation: Each Stacker Kit includes four circular stackers, each providing an extra inch of height. Combine them with your Elevated Cooking Starter Kit to customize your cutting board height to suit your needs.

  • Effortless Integration: The stackers are designed to fit perfectly with the foundation pillars of your Starter Kit, ensuring a secure and stable setup.

  • Increased Comfort: Adding more height to your cutting board helps to further reduce back strain and improve posture, making meal prep more enjoyable.

  • Versatile and Adjustable: Easily adjust the height by adding or removing stackers as needed. Ideal for various kitchen tasks and accommodating different user preferences.

  • Durable and Safe Materials: Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a food-grade material known for its strength and safety in food preparation environments.

  • Enhanced Stability: Each stacker features non-slip pads made from 1/16" rubber profile with a polyurethane backing, ensuring your cutting board stays firmly in place during use.

Why Choose the Stacker Kit?

The Stacker Kit is the perfect solution for those who love the benefits of Elevated Cooking and want to take their comfort to the next level. Whether you're tall, have a low countertop, or simply prefer a higher working surface, the Stacker Kit allows you to customize your cutting board height with ease.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Food-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for durability and safety

  • Non-Slip Pads: 1/16" rubber profile with a polyurethane backing for enhanced stability

  • Dimensions: Each stacker adds an additional 1 inch of height

  • Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with the Elevated Cooking Starter Kit

Package Includes:

  • Four (4) circular stackers, each providing 1 inch of additional height

Upgrade your Elevated Cooking setup with the Stacker Kit and experience unparalleled comfort and flexibility in the kitchen. Order yours today and elevate your cooking experience to new heights!

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